This is a blog from the life of a wife, and a mom of three, who has transplanted many times, dreams big, has wanderlust, yet often I find myself more cozy and content with a book and a cup of tea (or coffee).

I was homeschooled, and moved often while growing up. After finishing high school early, taking just two college courses (which were art based), I attended a one year Bible school; worked at my church’s coffee shop and bookstore; met my wonderful husband; got married, and we’ve grown our family since.
I’ve literally been around the world and back (and back around again). With all the traveling, I’ve developed a love of different cultures, people, food, and style.
Having lived in many places, sometimes it’s hard to feel at home, but I love to make my ‘home’ a better place and raise my children well. I love to see and try new things as I go through this life and cannot wait for the real home I hope for.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Just thought I would let you know that I will be following your blog and that you and your family are in my prayers.

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