Painting in action. 

For a while I have planned to try to time lapse a painting from start to finish; while I didn’t get it from the exact start, it’s basically from the beginning to end. The painting is called “Wooded Pathway” and will be listed on my Etsy soon. Enjoy the video at the link below:

Painting in Timelapse

The Beginning: Beginning

The Finish: IMG_6530


Started a Vimeo

I love to multitask, and my interests vary quite a bit. So, I started a Vimeo to share some other things. For now, it has my piano playing. I hope to do a time lapse of painting sometime, and perhaps have a gardening tip or two in live action.
For now, follow this link to watch a piano piece I’ve composed and played.
Maria’s Sonatina on Vimeo