Painting for me is a relaxing pasttime, enjoyable, fun, sometimes a little trying on my own patience, challenging, and a great way to express myself. It is a way for me to contemplate nature, to ponder the way trees grow, the skies many shades, the colors in the darkness and light, and the beauty of life.


I typically start with very few colors on my palette, just the basics. For me, mixing to create the right shades of blues, reds, greens, browns, and yellows to make to exact color I want to show on the painting, is half the fun of the work I put into each piece of art I create. IMG_5666

I know I am not really creating art from nothing, I typically am basing it off of something I have seen, someplace I have been; a portrayal of the world we live in. In that, I am replicating the world, the creation, that proclaims a Creator. My paint does not jump from the palette to the paper and become it’s own completed picture by itself. It takes an artist wielding a brush to move it to form something; whether abstract or realism, it is moved by a designer, carefully placing each brush stroke to it’s precise point on the paper, making something beautiful. Just so, when I look at the world; the beauty of a sunset, the detail in the blades of grass, the complexity of a mountain range, or the majesty of a rolling wave, I cannot but think there is Someone who has put all of those things in place, and am in awe at the creativity and power of the One who has made all things. This might be a controversial topic to some, but I know that I see the handiwork of God when I look at nature and the splendor of the world we live in. It is very illogical to me to think that all of this world came to be without a person designing and forming it to it’s complexity and completeness.


I am only making a copy of things I see; mixing, blending, and placing colors on a canvas, I recognize the amazing wonder of the earth and heavens around us while I do that. I am just a simple artist, making paintings that I love, and representing the natural world we live in. The mix of colors, shades, lights, and darks we can see in the skies and land around us should cause great awe of the God who has made all we see. I resonate with Psalm 104, in which David writes about the glory and beauty of the natural world, designed and created by God:

“O LORD, how many are Your works! In wisdom You have made them all; The earth is full of Your possessions…Let the glory of the LORD endure forever; Let the LORD be glad in His works…Let my meditation be pleasing to Him; As for me, I shall be glad in the LORD.” (Psalm 104:24, 31, 34 NASB)

C. H. Spurgeon said: “Here on this earth is Calvary where the Savior died, and by his sacrifice, offered not within walls and roofs, he made this outer world a temple wherein everything doth speak of God’s glory.” (For further reading, this particular Sermon where this quote is from is worth the time it takes to read though: C. H. Spurgeon: Lessons From Nature)