Trust is a Funny Thing


Proverbs 3:5-6 NASB
Trust in the LORD with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight.

Trust is a funny thing.

I was thinking about trust, and placing trust in either inanimate objects or in an animal, or in a person. I know I have tiers of trust, that are often complex and hard to break through.

I will sit on a chair without checking the handiwork of it for its soundness. In my experience, a chair has never let me down; so placing my confidence that one will hold me up is an easy feat.

Trusting an animal, a pet for instance, is easy also. I know my own dog will not bite me, I can play with it, take its food away, give it toys, throw a stick, or grab a ball from its mouth and I know I will not be harmed. I can trust my own dog, because I know it, and I am the hand that feeds it. I wouldn’t put my face near a dog that was not my own though. I know boundaries exist among pets and animals. It is something I assume and rely on, even though my experience has never gotten me bit by a dog. (Trusting a cat is an entirely different matter…)

How about people? Do you trust people readily? I tend not to. Perhaps it is my skeptical personality, maybe my upbringing, maybe just my own evaluation of myself causes me to doubt others. I have a very close and small circle of persons I will trust. Maybe a total of 4 people whom I trust entirely. I can think of who they are with no hesitation, and I think they would know who they are if they read this.

Have you ever sent a package in the mail? You trust the postal service will get it to its destination, in one piece. I was sending a box of books, to an unknown recipient, who purchased those from me, at a reasonable price; and I suddenly felt like I wanted to rush out of the post office and not send them, but I didn’t. I am counting on a relatively unknown to make good on their word to also have sent me the check for said books. In “good faith” I sent the package, and I can only hope that the person will also send their check, in same “good faith” that I will post the books as agreed upon. Not a simple test of faith exactly, but it was for me an act of trust. (I’ll certainly let you know if they fail to keep their end of the deal.)

I have no reasonable cause for doubt, I just doubt because it seems reasonable to do so. Continue reading